Residential and commercial carpets

What many people don't realize is that most manufacturers offer two main types of carpets: commercial and residential. See below the difference between commercial and residential carpeting and which type you should use for your remodeling project.

1. Durability Considerations
Consider the durability of residential and commercial carpets before installing the flooring in your home or office that take into account different types of activities. 
In homes you want soft, fluffy carpets for your family, while you should look for commercial carpets for floors that can withstand high levels of foot traffic. Commercial carpets tend to be thicker and constructed to withstand the unique rigors of a busy shop, while residential carpets are typically not built to last.

A typical commercial carpet will last 10-15 years depending on a few factors.

2. Style and aesthetics
When the time comes to decide which rugs are right for you, you might be surprised to find many style differences between commercial and residential rugs. Typically, home rugs offer more stylistic options to suit different moods. For example, to create a more open and airier feel, most homeowners choose rugs in lighter colors to create the illusion of a larger space. Area rugs can have unique pattern accents to reflect interior design features such as furniture or wall decorations.

Commercial mats use durable materials while maintaining a sleek, clean feel for businesses and customers. Darker color options can disguise stains and other blemishes that may appear over time, while absorbing sound levels for maximum comfort in your commercial space.

3. Maintenance and cleaning
Commercial and residential carpets have different maintenance and cleaning priorities in their materials. While residential rugs exude style and variety, commercial rugs successfully withstand everyday wear and tear.
Commercial carpets can easily cover dirt with certain patterns or colors. However, businesses need to deep clean their commercial carpets more frequently than residential carpets to maintain a pristine appearance. The low pile of contract rugs makes maintenance easier, but as businesses have a lot of foot traffic, we recommend professional cleaning every four to six months.

4. Comfort
Among the different carpets you will find a wide range of comfort options, but the differences in comfort between commercial carpet and residential carpet are often very different. Most home rugs have a luxurious feel that commercial rugs cannot match. Since both go through a different design and construction process, residential rugs are typically provided with luxury cushions for lounging and sitting. Another important thing to note is that commercial rugs are only meant for walking, usually in shoes and not barefoot or in socks in your home.

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